1st September 2017

About Me

Katie - About Me

Katie Cripps

Have you ever wondered that there is more to life?
That life has something better waiting for you and that you are not living to your full potential ?
That you KNOW that there's something else out there for you.. but you just don't know what?
In fact your stuck in a rut, sinking in the mud but you can't seem to get out??

That was ME!! I was a young single mum and I was not leading the life that I wanted and I could see no way out. How did I change from NO HOPE to SO MUCH HOPE, from ZERO to HERO(ine)?

Well let me tell you - its been a journey , and I'm hoping to share some of the wisdom I have picked up along the way. This isn't a fast track to an amazing life by any means but what looking back does is help you to see where you have gone wrong and what you could have done to take a short cut - its called HINDSIGHT and its a wonderful thing!

My name is Katie and I am a successful business woman running 2 entirely different but both equally successful businesses. My passions (as well as childrens health, food, creativity and vintagism -its a thing!) are teaching others how to live their best life, creating more and more female entrepreneurs in this world. But my best and most important job is being Mum to my 3 amazing children, they are my sun, my moon and my entire world. I have 2 wolves for pets and I live in a little piece of heaven and I pretty much love my life. Thats me now. But this hasn't always been the case.

Rewind a good few years, and I had NOTHING and NO ONE! Just me and my child - we were a little double act and she was my everything. The first lot of clothes and blankets I had for her were a “gift” from the womens institute. All second hand and her basket she slept in for her first few months was from the thrift shop at the bottom of the road from my hostel for the homeless that I was living in. When you live that life success, ambition , motivation and inspiration are not words that are in your vocabulary. Its all about surviving from one day to the next.

But here I am today, to let you in to my survival secrets, tips and tricks .. and my single best ways to make money when you have NO QUALIFICATIONS, NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE and you're a mum SO YOU CANT GO OUT TO WORK. Sound good?.. Stick with me kiddo and hopefully I can inspire you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE .